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Loveleen Podukai Oil (Ayurvedic Anti - Dandruff Oil) - 100ml

Loveleen Podukai Oil (Ayurvedic Anti - Dandruff Oil) - 100ml

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Lovelene Poduaki Oil helps to clear dandruff and reduces itching and dryness. Reduces hair fall or hair loss. Helps with split ends.


Each 10ml Oil contains.
Oil of Cocos nucifera Narikela Taila Oil 10ml Juice (Drava dravya) of:
Vakula patra Lf 2ml, Jambeera Lf/Fr 2ml, Vaiku nthaja PI 2ml, Nili PI 2ml, Durva Paste (Kalka) of PI 2ml, Bakuchi Fr 1mg Ingudi St Brk/Sd 1mg, Durva PI 1mg, Ankola beeja Sd 1mg, Haridra Rz 1mg.


» Strengthens hair roots.
» Prevents other disease germs.
» Completely destroys dandruff.
» Prevents hair loss.

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