About bleen

Bleen is an Indian Origin Pharmaceutical company, established in the year 2010.

We believe in coming together to make real progress in the ever-changing world of human health.

We aimed to contribute heavily in the pharmaceutical industry of India and give our healthy medications to the humans around the globe across our nation.

Bleen believes in higher healthcare standards and greater emphasis on illness preventing and have given pharmaceuticals a higher significance among
customers, driving sales over the period. It has been a 13-year journey for Bleen from a small concern to one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical pharma industries.

We continue to grow every year with the belief that medical expiration and
products need to be updated every year.


We work under the guidance of our honourable chairman, who has pioneered
this company with a well knitted approach, our team is young, dynamic and
strives to be at the top.


The focus of our company is to always ensure that we maintain variety of drugs in
our portfolio. Also, we are well capable of sufficing quantitative needs of customer without making any compromise in quality.


"Affordable Health Care for Everyone at the Earliest". 


"8 Hour's process of 85% orders of customer necessary Medicines".

Our Distribution Network

GHC is strong & secure in the distribution network. Our intelligent network brings people & products together to enrich lives and enhancing lives. we are having 250 distributors, who strengthens us.

Products & Combination

With over 200+ products & combinations including Ayurvedic, Herbal products to address every needful patient for better health care.

GHC committed to deliver highest quality medicaments for the betterment of
people’s lives, as well as prevent & treat them on time.

All our products speak for itself these are thoroughly formulated under the
guidelines of expertise, that are affluent in quality.