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Knee cap - Pack of 2

Knee cap - Pack of 2

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Knee cap for Men & Women, Knee Sleeve for Pain Relief

Stretchable Knee Support, Breathable Fabric, Uniform Compression, Relieves Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Injury Recovery, For Workout, Running, For Men & Women, Knee Cap, Pack of 2

About this item

Compression and Support: Knee caps provide slight compression to your knees, which helps stabilize the joint. They also support the knee joint during movements like walking, running, and jumping.

Mobility: The patella acts as a fulcrum for the quadriceps muscle group. When you straighten your leg, the quadriceps pull on the patella, allowing smooth movement of the knee joint.

Pain Relief: For individuals with knee pain or joint issues, wearing knee caps can help relieve discomfort. The compression they provide can reduce swelling and inflammation.

Muscle and Ligament Function: Knee caps assist muscles, tendons, and ligaments in working correctly. They enhance the efficiency of movements and prevent strain on these structures.

Knee Movement: The patella improves the mechanical advantage of the quadriceps muscle by increasing the lever arm. This allows better knee extension and flexion.

Warmth and Inflammation Reduction: Knee caps help keep the joint warm, promoting blood flow and reducing stiffness. They also provide mild compression, which can reduce inflammation.

Recovery and Injury Prevention: After knee surgery or injury, wearing knee caps can aid in recovery. They provide stability and protect the joint during rehabilitation.

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