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Gal-Acne (Acne Prone Soap) 75gm

Gal-Acne (Acne Prone Soap) 75gm

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Gal-Acne Soap Combined with triclosan, a very effectively fighting bacterial ingredient, 

Gal-Acne Soap not only makes you skin pimple free but also gives your skin a soft.


A Unique soap formula enriched with Glycerin, Aloe Vera extract, Triclosan, Tea tree oil.

Direction of Use:

Splash face with water, develop rich lather and gently massage on to the skin with fingers or face-cloth for 2 minutes. Rines off. Repeat it if skin is very oily. Wash 1 to 3 times a day.

What Gal-Acne Soap Do:

Fighting against bacteria
Prevent & Treat pimples, rash melanin spots, blemish.
Prevent Body Odour.

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