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Flexileen - Pain Relief Oil

Flexileen - Pain Relief Oil

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Each 10ml contains.
Vatakesari Tailam 3ml, Chittamutti Tailam 3ml, Kundrikam Tailam 2ml, Karpooram 1ml, Nilagiri Tailam 1ml.

What Flexileen Pain Relief Oil Do.

Muscle relaxation: Camphor (camphor) and Nilgiri Balm (Eucalyptus oil) are often help relax muscles and provide relief from muscle tension or stiffness.

Pain relief: Some ingredients like vadakesari (musk) and chittambutti (plumbago zeylanica) can help relieve muscle pain or discomfort.

Joint Support: Ayurvedic formulas containing these ingredients are sometimes used to support joint health and mobility. They help reduce inflammation and provide relief from joint-related discomfort.

Direction for use:

Gentle massage on affected parts 2 - 3 times a day. Do not apply on broken skin.
Shake well before use.

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