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Cervical Collar for Men & Women

Cervical Collar for Men & Women

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Cervical collars are commonly used to support and immobilize the neck after an injury. 

They play a crucial role in providing stability to the cervical spine, which helps prevent further damage or strain to the neck area.

By restricting movement, they help alleviate pressure on the neck, which can be particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing acute neck pain or recovering from a neck injury. 

By keeping the neck in a neutral position, these collars help ensure that the vertebrae are correctly aligned, reducing the risk of further injury and promoting optimal healing. 

Cervical collars work is by limiting movement in the neck area.

Additionally, cervical collars can provide a gentle reminder to keep your head and neck in a neutral position, promoting proper alignment and preventing aggravation of existing injuries.

cervical collar while sleeping can provide support and stability to your neck.

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