Collection: Soap

Explore our diverse range of specialty soaps designed to cater to all your skincare needs. From gentle glycerine soap to targeted acne-prone formulations, luxurious moisturizing options, detoxifying charcoal soap, and soothing sandalwood glycerin soap, we have something for everyone.

Glycerine Soap: Experience the gentle cleansing and moisturizing properties of our glycerine soap. Formulated to lock in moisture and leave your skin feeling soft and supple, our glycerine soap is perfect for daily use on all skin types.

Acne-Prone Soap: Combat acne and blemishes with our specially formulated acne-prone soap. Infused with ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, our soap helps to cleanse pores, reduce excess oil, and prevent breakouts for clearer, healthier-looking skin.

Moisturizing Soap: Treat your skin to intense hydration with our moisturizing soap. Enriched with nourishing oils and botanical extracts, our soap replenishes moisture, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and revitalized with every wash.

Charcoal Soap: Detoxify and purify your skin with our charcoal soap. Formulated with activated charcoal, our soap effectively removes impurities, excess oil, and toxins from the skin, leaving it feeling clean, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

Ketoconazole Soap: Say goodbye to fungal infections with our ketoconazole soap. Infused with the antifungal properties of ketoconazole, our soap effectively targets and treats various fungal skin conditions, providing relief and promoting healthier-looking skin.

Sandalwood Glycerin Soap: Indulge your senses with the rich, aromatic fragrance of sandalwood in our glycerin soap. Gentle yet effective, our sandalwood glycerin soap cleanses and moisturizes the skin, leaving behind a lingering scent of luxury and tranquility.

Shop our premium soap collection today and elevate your skincare routine with Bleen's specialty soaps. Experience the difference in quality and effectiveness for yourself!